A 2 years Business Consultancy group, with 3 businesses of their own.

Until now we helped more than 120 Businesses,  Brands and their People. We also, were able to connect more 500 people and working with 1M revenue companies,
as also with companies that are just an ideia in paper (and all the other steps beyond.

During this time we were fortunate
to have the help of more than 30 sollutionners (our people).

As global beings, we have achieve results in more than 5 countries.

Doing the average regarding our work, we obtain a 9.5 overall satisfaction (Some mistakes in the beginning cost us 0.5, but we have  learned from them, don’t worry.)

Until know we were able to develop solutions in various areas of expertise, such as  business strategy, Marketing, Communication, Advertising, Social Media, Web Solutions, Data and Analytics, and much more.

Get in touch to hear from us.We are in the running for our third year in the market.


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