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SP Business Group® enters the Top 9 of small consulting companies in Portugal on the Clutch B2B Ratings & Reviews Platform - SP Business Group




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SP Business Group® enters the Top 9 of small consulting companies in Portugal on the Clutch B2B Ratings & Reviews Platform

by Feb 13, 2022Dicas para Empresas, Estratégia, Resolução de Problemas, SP Business Group®, Top9

As we enter 2022, SP Business Group® is highlighted in 7th place in the top 9 of small consulting companies in Portugal on the Clutch website.

Clutch is a B2B research, rankings and reviews platform. SP Business Group® was evaluated based on quantitative and qualitative criteria such as customers, feedback, experience, industry recognition and market presence.

As we enter our fourth year and prepare the news for 2022, we could not be more proud of the work carried out so far, and for being alongside companies with longer life and reference in the specialty. Especially when we are facing a market with more than 1000 small consulting companies in Portugal. However, we know that not all companies are listed on Clutch. But even so, a small celebration of the path made is always positive.

And we are certain that we will continue to do more and better with each passing day. We feel honored and very grateful to all our customers who have trusted us until today.

Other SP Business Group® positions are:

– 13th in Naming companies in Portugal;
– 18th in the Top 20 of Consulting Companies in Portugal;
– 20th in the best Branding companies for companies in Portugal;
– 60th in advertising companies in Portugal.

We believe that by living by the ”be a solution” moto, we will continue to fulfill our mission of creating solutions that allow our customers to optimize their strategy and produce sustainable results oriented to the effective growth and development of people, brands and companies. 

From Lisbon and other parts of the world where we had the privilege of creating solutions and solving problems, we continue to be inspired to create paths to better realities for our customers and for the world, one step at a time. This, by sharing experiences, knowledge and skills with all our partners and customers. Uniquely overcoming each of the challenges, in what is a market where competition and growth are fierce. This only makes us proud and guides us with responsibility, for being chosen as a partner to overcome such difficulties.

SP Business Group® works as a specialist in business and management consulting, in multi-area projects – touching on strategy, marketing, branding, strategy and digital communication, research and innovation, human potential and growth, among other areas. We work daily through the motto of being a solution for people, brands and companies.

About the Clutch platform?

More than 100,000 consumers use Clutch to find professional business services, software and consultants. To date, Clutch lists over 42,000 agencies, gathers over 22,000 customer reviews and produces over 100 reports through disorganized market research and presents its users with insights and analysis that allow them to see how businesses and solutions compare in specific markets. . Feedback collection is unbiased and internally driven where trends, types of work and capabilities are wanted to remain innovative and competitive. They are a platform that equips businesses with the right tools to help clients find the company with the best quality and experience to tackle large projects. Clutch is endorsed by Forbes, INC, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Huffington Post and

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